• CPU:
    Intel Atom 330/N2800
  • Memory / RAM:
    4GB DDR2/3
  • Hard Disks:
    2x 500GB soft RAID
  • Traffic: unlimited
  • Fully managed
  • Bandwidth:
  • 100Mbps


  • CPU:
    Intel Atom 230/D425
  • Memory / RAM: 2048MB DDR2/3
  • Hard Disks:
    1x 1TB
  • Traffic: unlimited
  • Fully managed
  • Bandwidth:
  • 100Mbps


  • CPU:
    Celeron/Atom 1.20+GHz
  • Memory / RAM: 2048MB DDR2/3
  • Hard Disks:
    1x 500GB
  • Traffic: unlimited
  • Fully managed
  • Bandwidth:
  • 100Mbps


    Customise Your Beast Dedicated Server

    Select your processor (Sandy Bridge architecture) Intel 2x Xeon E5-2670 / E5-2687W
    Select your RAM (Sandy Bridge architecture) 128/256/512 GB DDR3 ECC
    Choice of hard disks SATA3 / SAS / SAS15K / SSD
    Contect Sales Department and Request Quote


    • Fully managed
    • IP Fail-over
    • Remote server reboot
    • Large choice of operating systems
    • Virtualization of your choice
    • Free reinstallation of the server and at will
    • Bandwidth graphs
    • Netboot
    • vKVM
    • RTM (Real Time Monitoring)
    • Secondary DNS
    • "Rescue" System
    • Reverse DNS
    • Manage SSH key sets
    • Components guaranteed for life
    • Triple power supply

    With your dedicated server

    Network / Server Manager


    Hardware Reboot - MRTG graphs - Reinstalling the OS - Network Boot "NetBoot"
    Management reverses IPv4 - IPv6 management reverses - Real Time Monitoring.
    Management of IP failover.
    You can do all that by your self! with our dedicated servers managment panel.

    Monitoring 24/7

    Teams of technicians in the datacentre 24/7 every day of the year.
    A servers monitoring system (ICMP) monitors all servers.
    If a fault is detected, an intervention is automatically programmed.


    If your server becomes unavailable, guarantees
    hardware intervention and repair time on levels 1 and 2, from 30 minutes to 4 hours, 24/7.
    operating system intervention and ticket time response is up to 24h.
    The availability of the network is 99.9%, 99.95% and 99.99% monthly.
    Most of the times support tickets are beeing viewed in 10 minuets and answered within the hour!

    Ecologicaly Cooled Energy Saving

    Since 2004, an industrial water cooling system for all dedicated servers. The electrical power required to run the air conditioning has been reduced by 60%. In 2008, EcoRooms that enable a reduction of 90% of the energy required to run the air conditioning of the datacentre. This is the only datacenter in the World, which provides "Ecologicaly-Cooled Energy Saving datacenter" technology, which devotes less than 10% of the total energy of the datacenter for cooling. The remaining 90% of energy is needed to power servers. Thanks to the 45nm processors power, the electric consumption of a server has been further reduced by 30% while increasing computing power by 30%. Respect for the environment is a very important axis of technological development.

    FTP Backup

    Each server has an FTP backup space (100BG) located on a geographically different site.

    Guarantee of components

    Each dedicated servers component is guaranteed for life. In case of defective parts, they are replaced free.

    Control panel

    CPANEL / Directadmin can be added during the order.
    Put on your server your favorite management interface: Plesk, Webmin,
    Yast 2, Proxmox, VMWare...

    Whats On Sale? (Daily)

    Comodo Essential SSL   Rapid SSL Certificate
    Free reissuing.   Free reissuing.
    99+% browser support.   99+% browser support.
    Up to 256-bit SSL encryption.   Up to 256-bit SSL encryption.
    $10,000 warranty.   $10,000 warranty.
    Only $20 BUY NOW   Only $20 BUY NOW

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