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    You can have this plan even if your server is not on our network!
    Secure your server / network today.
  • One time payment.
  • No hidden fees.
  • 3 months service warranty.
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    You have a problem that you
    can not solve?
    We will find the source of the problem and send you a full report.
    The money you pay for the inspection counts as credit for the full security plan or any other service.
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  • Offsite FTP Backup $2 per 1Gb
  • Offsite FTP Backup $2 per 1Gb
    We program your control panel to backup all your accounts, 7 backup folders are created for you, one for each day of the week.
    also good For:
    shared hosting, VPS, Dedicated server.
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Secure your network, server or vps

Security Investigations

Server security investigations are done to explore network intrusion attempts.
During the investigation you can find the source of the attack, penetration techniques and then you can fix it.

We recommend to prevent attacks before they happen!

Servers now contain dozens and hundreds of programs and services used by the system (kernel, control panel, FTP, wordpress, joomla and many more..) that can be used as an exploit to eventually penetrate / control the server or part of it - if the system is not patched updated or configured properly
Let our proffesional team secure your server!

After we (software) system / services updates We will run a comprehensive examination and an exclusive wide spectrum of Checks to make sure that your server is protected.

RootKits / Backdoors / Botnets / DDOS Tools / Hacking Tools
- vulnerability scan.
- Compleate hardware health and preformance check.
- Full optimization software to hardware and according to your needs.
- Anti port flooding system includes real-time alert.
- AntiVirus Installation included.
- Firewall - iptables / ports - (also used by the anti flood system).
- Isolaited user platform.
- Auto daily/weekly Backup (internal user/reseller level), (offsite - optional).
- 3 months service warranty.
- Passwords change: All server users account/ DBs / emails (if breached).
- Permission rest on all servers files and folders. gives you the tools
To Know, Stabilize, and Protect your server resources & services! (great for users who are UN-femielier with the linux operating system )

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Comodo Essential SSL   Rapid SSL Certificate
Free reissuing.   Free reissuing.
99+% browser support.   99+% browser support.
Up to 256-bit SSL encryption.   Up to 256-bit SSL encryption.
$10,000 warranty.   $10,000 warranty.
Only $20 BUY NOW   Only $20 BUY NOW

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