Off Site Backup - NAS HA Storage


Nas ha Is the storage device your data will be stored at.
Availability 100%
(Type of disks SAS - 10000 rpm, 2.5 ") and it has a 10GBPA connection.
We make backup copies of your backups To prevent data loss.
We performs backups of the NAS HA it self on different machines and in a different data center.
Internal backups In the same datacenter Between 1 - 1 Hour
External backups In a different datacenter < 24 hours

Back up your data

Backup any dedicated server, VPS , Reseller or even your shared hosting account,
The smart thing to do is make sure you back it all up.
Beastserv offers you an easy way backup all of your data for only $2 per 1Gb of storage.
You get an FTP account on a different server (offsite), you can set the backup method from your
control panel: daily, weekly or any other way you need.

Who can use this plan?

Dedicated Server owners.
VPS owners
Shared hosting and Reseller Hosting Users
the backup packages does not requires a hosting account with beastserv, anyone can sign up and enjoy our backup services!

Whats On Sale? (Daily)

Comodo Essential SSL   Rapid SSL Certificate
Free reissuing.   Free reissuing.
99+% browser support.   99+% browser support.
Up to 256-bit SSL encryption.   Up to 256-bit SSL encryption.
$10,000 warranty.   $10,000 warranty.
Only $20 BUY NOW   Only $20 BUY NOW

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