Easy One-Click Setup

Any or all of these web applications can be added to your website, including multiple installs of each.
Applay: (web hosting plans and resellers with no extra charge, can be added for $5mo on VPS and Dedicated)

web application - Software designed to manage, enhance, or add functionality to a website.
Examples include blogs, guestbooks, forums, image galleries, and e-commerce systems.

Content Management Systems (CMS) are applications designed to manage dynamic content for websites.

All CMS applications have the ability to manage news or blogs and all include a templating system
that allows the appearance/style of web pages to be controlled. The more advanced applications can
include a near endless list of additional features, including: categories; commenting; user logins; polls;
statistics; file managers; FAQ managers; and so on.

CMS applications generally fit into the following loose categories: Blogs (also known as weblogs),
CMSs, Portals (modular features that can be added into a standard three-column page layout),
and Frameworks (do-it-yourself systems).

Web based business applications include e-commerce systems (also known as shopping carts) for
managing sales websites, Customer Relationship Managers (CRM), customer support systems,
and project managers.

Photos and Files includes image galleries and other applications that assist in the management of
website images, music, videos, and other multimedia.

Surveys and Statistics includes different statistical applications that enable website traffic to be monitored
and analyzed, and polling and survey applications can be used to query the views of website visitors.

Contact forms, clocks, e-cards, URL shorteners, and other novel applications.